Casatiello Napoletano 1Kg

Casatiello Napoletano 1Kg


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Ingredients: Salami, Sugna and pepper, Pecorino and Cooked Ham

Giambattista Basile, 1600, Gatta Cenerentola: «And, come the destenated juorno, oh my good: what a mazzecatorio and what a bazzara that if you did! Where did so many pastiere and casatielle come from? Where do you pick them up and the porpette? Where do they maccarune and Gravooles? So much so that ‘nce he could magnate n asserceto formed. ”

In the extract from Basile cited above, The King, in order to find the proverbial girl with the lost slipper, bases a sumptuous and baroque banquet, based on what? who is the soul of the party? Il Casatiello, the undisputed prince of the celebrations who, from the height of his majesty and grandiloquence, dominates, overshadowing all the other courses, making them a ridiculous, but useless, side dish.

Casatiello Neapolitan, borrowed from the Latin caseus, which means cheese (which with a small alteration in Neapolitan becomes “chance”, now disused even at the dialectal level), however bizarre and unusual it may appear to our eyes, it is precisely in one of the precursors historians of the famous tale of “Cinderella” which contains the oldest of the references on the Neapolitan Casatiello.

On the other hand, there are those who trace its inestimable origins back to the time of the Greeks, when the priestesses of Ceres were not new to the sumptuous celebration of propitiatory rites and esoteric practices aimed at ingratiating themselves with gods and divinities of all kinds and shape, how? with the authentic and unmistakable taste of Casatiello.

Origins aside, the key element of the Casatiello is precisely the egg which, in addition to having a symbolic character evoking the crucifixion and rebirth of Christ, is the living beating heart of our country house that distinguishes it from pale imitations (yes Tortano, I’m talking exactly of you).

Just like the Casatiello that stands out from gray and pale copies, we, at Antica Pasticceria Mose, give you the same precious advice, inviting you to savor the magical and esoteric taste of Casatiello only by those who, like us, have a watchful and attentive eye for our precious traditions.

Producer: Pastry Mosè

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