Vesuvian Panettone 1Kg

Vesuvian Panettone 1Kg


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Pellecchiella del Vesuvio or Vesuvian apricot is an ancient, delicious fruit and is fundamental in the preparation of Vesuvian Panettone.

Grown and matured in the sunny Vesuvian lands, it is a product of excellence that the Campania Region can rightly boast today.

In dialect they are called “crisommole”, a term of Greek or rather Alexandrian origin,

or MELA D’ORO the pellecchiella is so called because as it suggests,

the name has a skin that is particularly easy to separate from the pulp, the peculiarity of this variant of the Vesuvian apricot lies in the color of the fruits, tending to yellow (the Vesuvian more tenant to red)

and she thinks of the same really big ones. the pulp is compact and juicy, the sweetest of the Vesuvian varieties and is ideal for making jams, juices and syrups.

Due to the particularity of these fruits and the still traditional cultivation systems, Community recognition of the IGP mark was requested for the Vesuvian Apricot.

Vesuvian Apricot Fundamental in the preparation of Nosto Vesuvian Panettone.

Vesuvian panettone with Vesuvius pellecchielle apricots.

An “unconventional” dessert, a typical expression of the Campania region. Vesuvian panettone with candied apricot pellecchiella del Vesuvio is appreciated because it is not too much

sweet, but remains “floppy” and with an intense aroma down to the last slice.

Producer: Pastry Mosè

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